Leatherhead Street Market

Every Thursday and Saturday between 9.00am and 5.00pm, come rain or shine, Leatherhead High Street becomes alive with a wide variety of market stalls selling all sorts - from vegetables and plants to handbags and pet food, there is something for everyone!  Please do pop along and see for yourself.


Have you ever considered taking a stall on yourself?  If so, please do get in touch as we are looking to expand the market and currently have some limited availability at a very reasonable cost.


Please click on the Market Stall Application in the left sidebar and complete the form to let us know of your interest in taking a stall.


Costs range between £30 and £42, depending upon the size of the pitch.


For all enquries regarding The Leatherhead Market, please contact:


Ms Gilda Moezi-Ghadim

Leatherhead Market Manager

07443 834 175


All Leatherhead Market Images Courtesy of Andy Newbold Photography www.andynewbold.com


Updated: 25 April 2017



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